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Here are the most common questions I have been asked over the years. If you have a question not covered on this page, ring me on 07969 428364, and I will be happy to have a conversation with you.


Can I See Your Previous Work?
Some of the clients that I have worked with can be seen on the Homepage. More can be viewed on the Gallery Page.


What is The Quickest Way to Contact You?
You can contact me via email through the contact page on the website. Alternatively, it would be quicker to ring me on 07969 428364


How Many Years of Experience do You Have?
This year I’ll be approaching eight years of experience. You can find further information on the About Me page.


How Early Can I book?
You can book up to twelve months in advance. Please be aware that on occasions, last-minute bookings may be available. Just contact me for your time requirements.


Do You Use Your Own Equipment, or do I Have to Provide Them?
Unless you specifically want to use your make-up, I will provide everything that is required.


Do You Use Quality Make-Up Brands?
I use a variety of professional make-up brands which are suitable for all skin types. These brands are specifically chosen for their longevity and finish. If you want to see which brands are used, you can find a list on the Homepage and further information on the Makeup Products page.


Can I Use my Own Make-Up?
If you are happy with the make-up brands you currently use, I will apply them. This is your day, and I will go along with your decision.


What if I have Sensitive or Problematic Skin?
If you are allergic to certain make-up brands, please let me know at the initial appointment so that the appropriate make-up can be used for you individually. However, many of the products that I use are water-based and are unlikely to cause any issues.


Do You Do Hair and Eyelashes, as well as Make-Up?
Unfortunately, I do not do hair. However, I do lashes along with the make-up.


What do You Charge if I Live Outside of Coventry?
It will depend on your location. Rest assured; I will not be making any ridiculous charges such as wear and tear on my vehicle. However, the cost is to cover my fuel consumption.


Are You Able to Come to a Venue on The Day of an Event?
Of course, I make home visits and venue visits. I always arrive with time to spare so that I am set up and ready for you.


Is There Anything That I Need to do Before Your Arrival?
Choose a designated area with the best natural light. Next to a window will be ideal. Having a table nearby would be helpful for setting up my products. Please refrain from using make-up before my arrival.


How Long Before my Wedding Day Should I have a Pre-Trial?
This is entirely up to you. I have had clients who had a bridal make-up trial four to eight weeks before the wedding. This is the best time frame as you will know precisely how you will look on your big day, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


How Long Does a Pre-Trial Make-Over Take?
For a pre-trial make-over, set aside a time frame of around ninety minutes. During this time, we will also discuss details of your wedding style or look and make any changes you require.


What Do I Have to do on The Day of The Pre-Trial?
Do not put on any make-up on the day of your pre-trial. If you have any photos of the kind of look you want, it would be helpful to have them at hand, along with a picture of your wedding dress/costume. Photos of the attire of your wedding party would also prove helpful. If you are wearing a white wedding dress, wearing a white top on the day of the pre-trial would be beneficial to gauge your make-up against the colour you will be wearing. If you are wearing an Indian bridal costume, a few pictures of the outfit would be helpful. Although not completely necessary, some photos of your venue, décor colour, and flowers might be a good idea. It allows me to visualize the overall colour and theme of your wedding.


Why Should I Choose You to do my Make-Up?
Clearly, it is up to you to choose the make-up artist you want for your special occasion. If you opt for someone else, that is fine because it has to be about you. After spending over seven years providing make-up services to hundreds of clients, I have never left a client unhappy. The fact is that a number of my previous clients have used my services on more than one occasion. Whether you opt for my services or not, I wish you the best day at your wedding or special event.


If you have any questions that have not been answered on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the Contact Us Page or by ringing 07969 428364